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Stamped Decorative Concrete in the San Francisco Bay Area

Create unique looks with stamped concrete throughout your home or commercial property. Stamped concrete, also known as decorative concrete, creates a look of natural stone, slate, or brick. Stamped concrete will not only enhance your outdoor landscape or interior space, but it will save you time and money. Your stamped concrete surfaces also require very little maintenance and are easy to clean. Stamped concrete has also come a long way in the past 30 years, developing new techniques, designs, and durability. We can also combine your stamped concrete with color options to truly set it apart and make a statement. There are plenty of patterns and designs available. Give us a call today to discuss your new stamped decorative concrete ideas with us!

decorative concrete

Why Stamped Concrete?

Also known as textured or imprinted concrete, this variety allows you to truly tailor your patio, driveway, garden, and more areas to your liking. It’s an affordable paving option that looks great for years and requires very little maintenance. Its superior durability, lack of fading in the sun, and supreme weather resistance make it an attractive method of coating your home. Compared to other materials like wood, brick, and stone, the decision is easy. Additionally, you can enhance your outdoor space with unlimited color choices, and we can treat it with a non-skid additive to make it safe in all weather.

Contact Us Today to Get Started

The only downside of stamped decorative concrete is that it isn’t very DIY-friendly. Fortunately, we’re experts at pouring and setting it. We provide professional, efficient, and affordable stamped concrete services throughout the San Francisco Bay area. Whether you want to decorate your back patio and give it an extra pop or are looking for the perfect design around your commercial swimming pool, we’re here for you. We invite you to contact our partner, Westside Concrete Materials, to find the perfect stamp for your job. Westside offers a wide variety of concrete stamps for purchase or rental.

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